Seeking Applicants for Open Position

Covering Clarke, Washington and Choctaw Counties
Location:  Grove Hill, AL

Position: Outreach Coordinator/Forensic Interviewer

Reports to: Executive Director

FSSA Status:   Exempt


The RCAC Outreach Coordinator/Forensic Interviewer is responsible for developing and administering both school based preventions programs and community outreach and awareness programs. This will include outreach through the development of written and website based materials and information. An additional function will be conducting forensic interviews after receiving basic training in the NCAC Forensic Interviewing of Children Protocol.

Minimum Requirements:

The position requires that the individual be a high school graduate with college attendance preferred.  Previous experience in the field of education and with parents and children in crisis is preferred. Strong communication, organizational, problem solving, listening and people skills are necessary.  Computer knowledge is required. Having a flexible schedule and being a self starter is required.  Must be screened and cleared through criminal and DHR Central Registry background checks.

Principal Activities:

  1. Develop and/or maintain all materials necessary for operation of school based prevention programs and community awareness/prevention programs.
  2. Conduct presentations, trainings, in-school prevention programs and meet with organizations, churches, agencies and other groups to promote child abuse prevention in the region of Clarke, Washington and Choctaw counties.
  3. Coordinate with DHR personnel in the region in order to present trainings and presentations to educate and inform community members on child abuse and neglect reporting and prevention.
  4. Maintain records of the number of children and adults served through these programs and provide a quarterly report to the Director.
  5. Coordinate special prevention/awareness projects such as April-Child Abuse Prevention Month.
  6. Attend scheduled trainings, supervisor and staff meetings and participate in multidisciplinary team meetings as needed.
  7. Assist with updating professional references and maintaining CAC Resource Library.
  8. Be knowledgeable of the history and function of the Regional Child Advocacy Center.
  9. Share responsibility in the day to day activities of the center and be flexible with work schedule to accommodate times of need.
  10. Maintain and update agency’s website and social media platforms with information relevant to educate the public on child abuse issues and services that are available to victims of child abuse or information provided by CAC staff, MDT Members or designated Board Members. The agency’s Facebook account will be in the name of the person in this position. The Outreach Coordinator will be the “Public Face” of the agency.
  11. Conduct forensic interviews with alleged child/adolescent victims of abuse, using the National CAC Protocol.
  12. Stay current with best practices/research in the field of interviewing and child development.
  13. Provide brief written summary of interview outcome using RCAC forms.
  14. Facilitate pre- and post-conferences with MDT members for each interview.
  15. Record interviews and create a DVD copy for the investigators.
  16. Maintain skills through participating in peer reviews and additional forensic interview training as required.
  17. Report child abuse and neglect in compliance with Alabama’s Mandatory Reporting Law.

Job Type:  Full-time

Hours: 8:30am – 5:00pm (occasional later but accrues comp time)

Occasional Saturday events

Pay:  $36,000 per year


  • Paid Holidays (State Holidays)
  • Vacation and Sick Time Accrual
  • Health Insurance (that includes vision & dental) is scheduled to begin in late 2022
  • We now offer individual Health Insurance

To Apply Submit Resume to by September 22, 2023