CAC Process

Our Process

When children/teens and families enter our Child Advocacy Center, they feel like they are walking into a home, not an office. They are greeted with warm smiles from caring staff who welcome them to a place built just for them.

Support is provided to children and teens from the moment they enter the Child Advocacy Center throughout their involvement by our Victim Advocate. Follow-up phone calls, letters, court preparation and support, referral, and other services are provided to the children and their families to increase their comfort and encourage access to and participation in the investigation, prosecution, treatment, and support services.

The first room the children enter is filled with stuffed animals, toys, and games for them to play with while they wait for their parent or caregiver to talk to our staff to begin the CAC process. The children will be interviewed in a comfortable and calming room by one person who will enable them to talk freely about themselves and about what has happened to them.